About Me

Cyndi Power, B.S., HBCE, CPES, Certified Birth Doula (ADC Sydney)

I'm a HypnoBirthing mother of four children. Being an experienced birth doula, a Mildura local and having taught HB classes for years here, I have an excellent working relationship with the doctors and midwives at the Mildura Base Hospital. 

I am open, approachable and compassionate and I bring those qualities to my antenatal classes. My passion is empowering parents for a positive and joyful birth experience whether it's a vaginal, Caesarean, hospital or home birth. I firmly believe that information is power and when a birthing couple are equipped with HypnoBirthing skills and knowledge of the birth process, they do have a more satisfying birth experience.

Baby holding parent pinky finger

What do parents really think about my classes?


Jaci M.

Meeting Cyndi and attending HypnoBirthing was life changing. Such an empowering experience, we learnt life skills which help with self control and can be applied in all areas of life. The mind is very powerful. I had a very fast birth with an almost 10 pound baby and no pain relief. I recommend HypnoBirthing to anyone who is having a baby, first or next.


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