Includes: Placenta Capsules, Placenta Tincture, Handmade 150 ml Healing Balm and Complimentary Cord Keepsake. Package includes collection from hospital/home and hand delivery. 


Payment is due at time of booking. It is highly recommended to contact me before booking to make sure I will be available at the time you are due! 

Placenta Encapsulation Full Package

  • I am a certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist through Pbi in the USA. I have encapsulated over 100 placentas for Mildura mums. I follow the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of encapsulation. I hold certificates in Bloodborne Pathogens and Safety in Food Handling. My work space is custom-built, stainless steel with all tools dedicated solely for use in the encapsulation process. I exceed government recommendations for safe food handling and do not take any chances with your precious placenta or with my own health. 

  • As I go to considerable expense for supplies, there are no refunds on any placenta encapsulation services or deposits simply because you change your mind. The only exceptions to this policy are the following:

    1. If I am unavailable at the time of your birth due to an emergency of my own. You will be notified and a refund will be issued.

    2. If your placenta is sent to pathology for examination. In this case, you will need to notify me ASAP as I will not encapsulate your placenta (I cannot be sure it has been handled hygienically) and I will issue a refund. 

    3. If there is an emergency situation with your birth or baby and your circumstances change dramatically. A refund will be issued without question. 


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